Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Little Sewing

My new overlocker has been thrown into action. It calls to me when I walk past its room. "Turn on ABC Kids and come to me," it beckons. I try to resist. It's hard. 

Together we've created another of those sweet, and easy, little dresses, and a pair of pocket pants from this beautiful book. There'll be more of these in our near future. It would seem pockets are quite popular with at least one little girl in the house. 

The cuff and binding on the pants were the last scraps of a pillowcase I loved, so how fortuitous to come across a big double sheet in a similar print. The red chambray was a lucky op shop find as well.

I've since been busy with some of my growing collection of vintage patterns. Hopefully there'll be something to show for my work later in the week.


  1. Just gorgeous....both the outfits and your adorable little girl!

  2. Sooo sweet - and happy to hear you are putting your new toy to good use! Love the outfits :-)

  3. Love these! I have heard the clarion call of the machines myself at times, it's hard to resist :)

  4. It's all gorgeous. I love the colours and prints you've worked with. But the clothes are upstaged by the super cute model. She looks like she is really chuckling at something! x

  5. sooo cute! love the use of the vintage linens!

  6. Very cute clothes for a little sweetheart!!

  7. haha she really IS fancy if she can talk too!?!! these pants are so gorgeous on their own - but even more so on that delicious model :) and I gotta say how much I am loving your photography - I mean I loved it before the nursery, but I see the difference, I really do x


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