Saturday, September 15, 2012

Nature Walk

One sunny afternoon, three small girls, and a 'nature' bag "for collecting."

Through the churchyard and across the road to the oval.

Pinecones, some shiny red leaves, craggy sticks, moss, and lots and lots of wildflowers.

A nature study, though not nearly as scientific as we tried to make it look.


  1. i love nature walks, i think 'collecting' is a really important activity for small ones. :)sarah

  2. Just catching up here, and loving the knitting and sewing that's been going on :)

    Another rhubarb fan here ... yum! But I have to wait for spring :(

    And I still go on nature walks even though I don't have littlies to take with me, I just really enjoy setting out simply to see what's there!

  3. Postcards! These images are so peaceful and evoke a sense of calm.

  4. Ah forget-me-nots! Beautiful photos.

  5. beautiful little floral arrangements - and they would make gorgeous cards


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