Monday, January 16, 2012

Birthday Wishing

My birthday is fast approaching so I thought, in the interests of being useful, I'd let anyone out there who reads this blog who is, ahem, married to me, know what's on my wish list. Don't worry, it's only short.

One of these, please. These babes of ours are so bloody messy. And not only that, have you noticed how many flies there are in this place? Corpses everywhere.

This book, please. I don't have enough knitting books.

And this one too. My cookbook shelf is looking a bit lean.

One of these. You will benefit.

Size 40 should fit.

I've wanted one of these for ages. And if you get that, you should probably get this too.

Isn't this so pretty?

I'm gonna need 10 of these so I can make this.

Anything from here. Seriously, anything.

I hope this helps. 
Smoochies xx

Oh, I forgot. Can I have one of these too?


  1. Too funny Greer - good luck with the list. I say ditch the vacum cleaner - that is so not a birthday present! That is an essential for your house!

  2. Hold hard on the cookbook GM, I've already bought it for her. Sorry to spoil your surprise Greer:)
    Sueb x

  3. Love those shoes! Think your husband would buy me a pair for your birthday too? Kellie xx


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