Saturday, January 7, 2012


There's a lot of gratitude swirling around on the blogs I read, it seems, and lots of thoughts on how good a bit of intentional thankfulness can be. I went through a stage once (probably back in my self-help book reading days) when I would write a list of five things I was grateful for each night before going to sleep. It was good for me. Good for keeping things in perspective, good for making me focus on what I had rather than what was missing, and what was working rather than what was not. I've been sneaking glances at the Grateful link thing over at Maxabella loves... for a few months now. And it's a new year, and the topic is 'beginnings', and suddenly it seems apt that I join in.

So here I am, still in the first week of the new year, grateful, oh, so grateful for this new beginning here in this new town. It was a serious slog, and a little bit crazy to try and squeeze the move in two weeks before Christmas after one of the busiest ends of the year ever. But I knew I wanted to be in this house, in this new town, when this new year began. It just made sense.

And having survived the end of that year, I'm just incredibly grateful to be starting this one here, where there's room to run, space to breathe, no need to go anywhere if we don't want to, nature in all its glory in every nook and cranny, and three gorgeous little girls and their lovely dad finding their feet, in this new life, with me.


  1. Welcome, Greer (just quietly, red heads are particularly welcome around here!!!). I'll have to read back over your posts to see what happened at the end of the year, but already I am glad that you seem to have come out on top. x

  2. Your fresh start sounds lovely and exciting. I love that photo - looks very inviting!

    I've come over from the grateful linkup - isn't it a great idea!

  3. I'm all for space (and time) to breathe. Enjoy your new surroundings.

  4. Congrats on your new start! How exciting!!! beautiful post:)))

  5. Hey Greer, I'm so glad to hear everything's going so swimmingly. The house, the garden, the village, the girls - you're grateful, I'm jealous! Happy new year to you. Kellie xx


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