Thursday, January 5, 2012


One rug spread out on the grass,
a menagerie of toy animals,
a basket of wooden blocks,
a few bowls of 'hay',
two little girls learning animal sounds from their big sister
and not a single request for the TV all afternoon.


  1. As long as the Highlands snake wasn't part of the animal fare!

  2. Have those cherubs had haircuts??

  3. No t.v.? A VERY good day! Love the foliage around your home. What is that bush right up against your porch. Love the porch swing too - I'm sure you'll get lots of use from that. Maybe a knitted cushion would be nice? :) (in your spare time of course!)

  4. Love good days like that (when they happen), very jealous of your porch, we don't have them over here in the UK, probably because we don't get that much sun, but I dream of having one to sit and sew on / have tea and cake / read a book all whilst watching the children race around the garden... *huge sigh*

  5. Sounds wonderful. Beautiful photos too. :)


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