Saturday, January 14, 2012

Let's Be Adventurers

It's brewing ever so mildly and steadily within, but I can feel it picking up strength - this feeling that we're on an adventure, that we've taken bold steps towards a new way of living and opened ourselves up to so many things that were previously off the agenda. It's not huge stuff in the scheme of things, just lifestyle stuff, kid-raising stuff. Gardening, food sourcing, choices about consumption and how we pass our time. Here we can do it, whereas previously it was difficult or impossible. Here we can grow food or buy it from the person who grows it. Here we can step back from that cycle of want/buy/discard/want more. Here we can move away from screens and into the backyard, and spend time together at home rather than having to escape it at every opportunity to outrun the cabin fever of too-small spaces.

Our big step away from what we know has been relatively safe. We didn't sell up and quit jobs and sail off into the unknown. We still own a house in Sydney, we've brought our work with us, friends and family are only an hour and a bit of freeway away.

But yet we took the step. And however small and however safe, it feels like a rollicking great adventure to me, and hopefully the first of many.

So this Saturday, I'm grateful for adventures, big and small. And, as always, grateful for the ones taking the ride with me.

Joining in with Maxabella.

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  1. Good on you for taking the step and starting the new adventure. Sounds like you have the best of both worlds - close to the city and friends but in your own little slice of country.

  2. Regardless of the risk involved, any change as big as yours is an adventure. You should be so proud that you are giving it a go and ride it all the way! x

  3. here's to knew adventures. I just told Billy the other day we really need to sit down together and make sure there aren't any big things we are going to look back on a 70 and say "why the heck didn't we just change it"

    Way to go mama!! ~ Barefoot Mama

  4. It sounds like you've chosen a great step towards doing what you really want. It sounds like a great lifestyle choice for all of you best of all is sharing in the adventure together. I love adventures, for now we have mini adventures exploring our state or other states which is fun. One day I'll be living in the country and I can't wait. x


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