Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mathematics for Housewives

Does anyone know the exact mathematical formula for it? I'm certain there must be one.

It's something like this, I think:

Elation of waking up to the perfect drying day after days of drizzle and gloom

Multiplied by loads of washing successfully completed...

..divided by the realisation of how long it's going to take to sort and fold and return all of those clean clothes to their correct cupboards and drawers.


  1. Remember....need to add a quotient for ironing (or are you still not having to do this God-forsaken chore!!!)

  2. And the other sad mathematical rule....the laundry increases exponentially as the kids (particularly boys) get older!!!

  3. hahahahahah! LOVE THIS! ughh...it's hard to find the Magic in doing laundry:))

  4. yes wish i had an equation for it too and Wolly is right....the ironing adds a whole other equation! so love your blogs Greer...they always make me smile xxx

  5. good thing your husband loves you.

  6. Oh my that putting away bit gets me every time! What a great way to explain that particular chore :)


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