Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Loose Ends

I'm a few loose ends and a good blocking away from having another finished project this week. That would have been two in two weeks - far superior to my usual batting average. And may I just say a quick thank you for all of your lovely comments on last week's effort. I'm happy to report that it fits Edie with room to grow.

Of course, the almost finished cardigan was begun some weeks ago and has just been waiting for sleeves, which it scored yesterday. I had visions of this being the perfect short-sleeved cotton cardi for my girls on those cooler summer days. Of course, now that we've moved out of Sydney, we're dealing with cold summer days, so we'll be needing something sturdier than cotton to survive this new climate. To that end, I'm also working away on a proper little vintage-style wool cardigan - long sleeves and buttons all the way up the front. It's the first of several snuggly things in store for the young ladies of the house.

Having finished my Lily Brett book from last week, I've been resisting the siren call of Book Depository, determined to make do with our overflowing shelves here at home. Moving house has unearthed lots of classics and other stuff that I either read ages ago or still haven't gotten to. I've started 'An Item From the Late News' by Thea Astley, an Australian writer. The GM studied this book for his HSC (that's our final exams here) back in the late '80s, and this is his copy, marked with underlines and notes in the margins throughout. I can vouch that his writing was as illegible then as it is now.

Joining in with the Yarn Along over at Small Things.


  1. Oooh, so close to another finished object - good going ;)

    I love the purpley colour in that last picture, so pretty.

  2. How do you grow the time? I can't fit half the stuff in you do - must be the soil around here!

  3. So glad to hear that the sweater fit.
    I'm all for warm woolen knits. Sadly, I accidentally felted a pair of pants yesterday in the machine. What was I thinking? Oh, well. A good excuse to knit some more!

  4. I just love finding old books at home to read! Congrats on your knitting progress. :)

  5. Are the purple and pale blue the colors for the new cardigans? I had to laugh at your 'unearthing' remark. How true. Moving (or even just cleaning!) can produce many treasured (or not) items. When we moved from our rental to our first home, I discovered tucked away in a box (this box had been moved from place to place prior to that, mind you)...a bunch of pebbles, rusted metal odds & ends, little bits of broken glass. What? What is this junk? Oh yes, yes. 'Inspiration' from my artsy college days...

  6. You are really making progress on all the sweaters! That means you can start more projects :)

  7. Looking forward to seeing your sweater when you finish the sleeves!

  8. I love your photographs. Such beautiful lighting!

  9. uh oh - I'm scared of what our next house move might unearth...where will I put it all?!?!?


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