Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fibonacci's Field

On a recent evening walk, I came across a hedged field at the end of a country lane. It had a massive gum tree and half a dozen wild rabbits who scattered on my approach. I went home and told Lola I'd found Fibonacci's field, from one of our favourite books, The Rabbit Problem by Emily Gravett. Tonight after dinner, rain pouring down, she insisted I take her there.

 The rabbits scattered on our approach, all but one. Did you spot it?


  1. Hi Greer, ooh, I don't know that book. We're big fans of Monkey and Me, and The Odd Egg here. I love her illustrations. Might look out for that one. Thank you!

  2. These images are simply gorgeous! I am going to look that book up as soon as I leave here:) Thanks!

  3. Where's the rabbit? Well, there is a rabbit in a ladybird jacket....


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