Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday (Kitchen) Lovelies

There's been a lot of homemade loveliness in the kitchen this week. Here's a sample:

1) Small-batch blackberry jam (rock hard, I'm afraid...back to the drawing board)
2) Fresh tomato sauce via this book
3) Orange sponge cake from here
4) Pumpkin, caramelised onion and goat's cheese tart from here
5) Homemade yoghurt (following these instructions). Incubating in an esky bag with a hot-water bottle! 
6) Feet on the table. No recipe required.

What loveliness have you been cooking up this week?


  1. Oh your photos are making me hungry!! Yum! Have you tried Pamona's pectin for your jam? It's my favorite, and can be used with honey or other sweeteners besides sugar. They have recipes/instructions in the box that have worked well for our blackberries. I wonder if it's available in Australia? Your jam LOOKS delicious anyway!!

  2. yummo! your kitchen makes me happy :) i just finished making some sauce last night and that tart looks awesome! have bookmarked the recipe - have a great week! Kel x

  3. Nothing like fresh tomato sauce. Sadly I used the last that was in our freezer and now must wait for our summer to come again!


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