Thursday, February 2, 2012

Summer in the South

This is a special message for my big sister Emma, who is currently enjoying a chilly Northern Hemisphere winter in Utah.

Hi sis,

Today we bought two pairs of little slippers to keep two pairs of little feet warm.

We watched the rain fall and fall and fall.

We cooked up a hearty stew in Old Blue.

And lit our first fire in the wood heater.

Just in case you were missing the Aussie summer...


  1. This summer has been really strange hasn't it. Melbourne has been quite nice the last few days but it's been VERY up and down. I'm not normally a forecast checker but I can't get dressed in the morning without checking the expected temperature at the moment.

  2. Brilliant. I should send a similar letter to my mum and brother in England. We had warming cauliflower cheese and I put the boys in winter pyjamas last night!

  3. We are wondering where our 'summer' has gone too. We live in the hills in Victoria and have contemplated turning on the heater the last couple of days. I think our fire will be lit before long if this keeps up. Jacinta

  4. I'm getting worried about our beach holiday at Esperence in March. It is way south and I was hoping that since the summer seemed to be late that it would be lovely and warm for swimming in March, but now it seems that summer has just passed us by...


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