Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Very Bloggy Morning Tea - Day Four

I've been waiting for this day. After reading Jodi's post yesterday about tea, and hearing so many of you describe how much it means to you, I can understand the sentiments. Tea is my beverage of choice first thing every day. But if the ship were sinking and I only had time to grab one, well, it would be coffee every time. Beautiful, beautiful coffee. From midmorning through to late afternoon, and occasionally into the evening, my old friend coffee.

So come in, won't you? I've been brewing up a plunger of the dark stuff. I've got some milk if you prefer yours white, but I'll take mine straight if it's all the same with you. We can always send someone down to the cafe on the corner for some proper lattes if you prefer. And I've got some squishy gooey squares of pear and pecan brownie in case you need a bit more caffeine with your caffeine.

Rightio, let's do this.

Another of my favourite bloggers will be by later this morning to give us a giggle. You can still donate to the fundraiser here and enter the supersonic grand prize draw here. Any guesses which of those tea towels I'd choose to hang over my oven door?


  1. I'm so enjoying your morning tea Greer! I even made a cake from the CWA book yesterday, and today looks like a great baking day again. I'll just pop the coffee pot on the stove!

  2. Oh Greer this is so so so great! It is also meaningful to me on so many levels. But most of all I believe you are changing the world for better in your own way. The care and love you have put into all of this shines, shines! shines from these posts. I am loving every second of this! xo

  3. Drinking a nice cup of green tea as I read this, seems only fitting.

  4. Oh those squares look divine Greer, and yes please to coffee. x


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