Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Mother's Day, the bittersweet day. Words can't describe how much joy my three little monkeys bring me most days, but today especially. What fun we've had, baking together,  making pompoms and picnicking in the park, then an afternoon in the garden sorting out the leaves and the lawn. "The best mother's day ever," declared Stella over dinner. The best so far, my love.

(These are the first proper drawings my babies have made of me and for me. I'm loving how different I look in each. In reality, my legs certainly don't go up to my neck, nor is my head bigger and rounder than my torso. Bless.)


  1. I love it when the first people pictures start to emerge. When my eldest was three she used to draw "boobs" on everyone. Used to love watching the looks on her grandparents face when she would hand over her art work! xo

  2. I love how in one picture you have no torso and in the other you are almost all torso! So interesting.

    I am glad that you had such a lovely Mother's Day.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, love their little pictures!

  4. Those first drawings are precious. Your mother's day sounded perfect. x


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