Friday, May 24, 2013

One Claire Day - Guest Post

I've been saving something very special for last - my final visitor for the week, Claire from One Claire Day. If you can make it past these glorious photos, you'll find a beautiful story about that most feminine of occasions, the tea party. Enjoy!

Nothing brings women together quite like a good cuppa, cheerful chatter and copious amounts of cake.

My most memorable celebratory occasions of the past few years have all centered around a table styled eclectically with vintage linens, homemade sweets and mismatched china - the modern woman reinvents the age-old ritual of the 'morning tea'.

We come together over these sugary feasts to celebrate all manner of things; birthdays, friendship, new babies, motherhood, brides-to-be (in this instance it was the celebration of my friend's new business venture). Call me old fashioned but I find a 'tea' celebration the ultimate nod to the strength of womanhood. I always leave these gatherings with an overwhelming sense of pride as a woman and feeling more closely connected to my peers. The experience makes me feel more connected to the generations of women past, too... perhaps it's due to that ever-present and undeniable nostalgic charm that seems to fill the air.

Underneath the seemingly frivolous exterior of such occasions lies something I believe to be paramount to the wellbeing of all women - togetherness. The sharing of experiences, support, encouragement, the offering of advice (or a napkin for tear streaked cheeks).

Really, I can't think of anything that can't be shared over a freshly brewed pot of tea.

Thank you, Claire! How good would it be for us all to be sharing a real pot of tea this week. If you haven't visited Claire's beautiful space, One Claire Day, rush there now. 


  1. Beautiful photos and lovely words Claire. What a treat to have you 'here' on Greer's lovely blog. I'm putting the kettle on to celebrate. Thank you Greer, what a lovely, lovely week it's been xxbriony

  2. It would indeed be wonderful to sit down with some real grown up women and chat. Such a beautiful series Greer. I am going to put out my Spode tea cup and saucer, even though I don't have company except my little boy and baby girl, for morning tea. You are never too young (although I might stick to Peter Rabbit for Quinn). x

  3. What beautiful photos... such pretty crockery. Would be lovely to be enjoying a cuppa with you in 'real life' Greer xx

  4. Oh wow! such a stunning setting and tablescape... Such lovley weather and pictures of a tea party. Very jealous today in my dreary living room, looking out at the rain.

    Hazel x

  5. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Thanks so for sharing this. What gifts you have given us through this very bloggy tea week! spectacular! xo

  6. Claire, hi! Beautiful photos!! What is the china pattern for the cake stand? SOoooooooo beautiful!!

    1. Hello! All the china and gorgeous vintage wares you can see in these photos are available for hire through my friends business - Elsie and Audrey Vintage Hire (link below). She also sells the cakestands which she handmakes using mismatched pieces of vintage china! They are beautiful!

  7. Oh, and also, could you tell me where those beautiful glass flutes are from? totally in love with this. Thank yOu for the inspiration!!


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