Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Che & Fidel - Guest Post

I'm so excited to have Jodi drop in today. She's a long-time favourite blogger of mine - if you don't know Che & Fidel you have probably been living under a rock. Her space is a tranquil one, filled with beautifully crafted words and stunning images. She writes here about her love affair with tea.

A few weeks ago my partner, Daniel, was going through mini-movies he had shot when our daughter Poet was a newborn. There's a scene where I'm completely oblivious to the camera; I'm breastfeeding Poet and quite literally gulping down tea.

"Look at me drink that tea!"

"I made you so many cups of tea in those first few weeks," said Daniel. And he did. He toasted banana bread too - lots of it. Tea and banana bread was my snack of choice - warming, comforting, a necessity, really.

Tea drinking is a ritual passed down from my Dad. He comes from a long-line of passionate tea drinkers. But you know what, he never quite finishes his cup of tea. "Tea leaves," he says, even though he's been using bags for twenty years. 

I have a stainless steel whistling kettle that looks as good as it sings. I boil it in the morning to make lemon and ginger tea. I boil it for lunch and afternoon tea when I crave a good ceylon and just before I start making dinner I'll make peppermint or nettle to guide me through the chopping and stirring. At night when the children are asleep and I have settled into the couch I'll make my last cup for the day - ceylon or chamomile or ginger. 

Six weeks ago when I weaned Poet I drank sage tea to help dry up the milk. Four leaves, almost-boiling water, three times a day. 

Tea drinking is therapeutic for me. It warms my hands and my heart. 

First image by Tim Coulson.
Second image by Jodi Wilson.

Thanks so much, Jodi, for being a part of this very special week. Connect with Jodi at her blog or on Facebook.

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  1. I loved this little story Jodi. It is the ritual of tea that makes it so meaningful to me, the anticipation of when the next tea break will be, the sound of the kettle boiling, the brewing, steeping and finally the drinking. I am going to a relatives 60th wedding anniversary celebration this weekend, 60 years is diamond anniversary which is out of my budget for a gift, they are in their 80's so I have bought them tins of beautiful teas and biscuits! I figure many cups of tea have been shared over 60 years. That turned into a bit of a ramble. Lovely post ladies x

  2. Beautiful, between this post and a few other tea loving bloggers out there I'm finding myself increasingly encouraged away from coffee to the allure of tea.

  3. I too have different types of tea for different times of the day...I start my day with lemon tea, and then a coffee and then cinnamon and then chamomile if I need another cup at the end of the day.
    My husband...who drinks what he calls tea tea...thinks I am crazy...and chalks my tea drinking habits up to me being American...but I knew I wasn't alone!

  4. I'm a little addicted to raspberry and cranberry tea at the moment! I always remember drinking tea with my dear Grandfather. He'd always bring out my favourite biscuits that he would buy especially for me and would not let anyone else touch! For my 21st he sent me a whole box of those biscuits. I miss him.

    Lovely post Jodi...

    Sophie xo

  5. On my father's side tea solved all issues. Have a story to tell, wait I will put the kettle on. Have a drama, wait the kettle is on.Show someone you care, put the kettle on. Dad gets home before his partner, so will make her a cuppa tea each night. But because she gets stuck in traffic often, he just keeps boiling the kettle over and over until she gets home so she can have a hot fresh cuppa as soon as she walks in the door.


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