Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Very Bloggy Morning Tea - Day Three

It would appear, good people, that I was a little modest with my fundraising goal of $1,000. Sometime around midday yesterday, we managed to blow it out of the water. We're already well on the way to doubling it and it's only day three! What can I say? You are a fine, fine bunch.

Now, all of that chocolate yesterday might have left you feeling a bit sedentary, so today we're going to at least give the illusion of wholesome goodness with some lemongrass and ginger tea - freshly brewed, of course. And on the side, keeping that zesty, zingy theme going, I've got some tiny almond cakes topped with a creamy lemon and ginger curd.

So find a seat at the table. Tea cups this dainty call for an upright chair and, dare I say, some raised pinkies. If only, if only, I had a parlour to seat you all in, and a Carson-esque butler to handle all the pouring. Never mind. Let's just call each other 'milady' and be done with it.

Needlework optional.

You won't want to miss today's guest post. Check back later for a real treat. And - look! - I made a button for the giveaway (over there on the right) in case you're having trouble wading back through all of this tea-time goodness.


  1. Yum. Have you got a recipe for this cakes? They look delicious!

  2. Good morning, milady! Those tiny Almond cakes are right up my street, yummm! Belinda x

  3. Oh, I am off to sleep here. But I think I will start calling all my friends milday a-la Carson style just for fun. I love this series. brightens my day (and sends me off to sleep very well at night) xo

  4. What a treat to pop by for an overdue catch up and find you busy making so many cups of tea for friends and everyone eating cake. Fabulous posts, all of them. And all for such a good cause. Kudos m'dear, kudos.

  5. After Carson is done with pouring, could you send him my way...and have him bring one of those cakes...or two.


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