Monday, May 20, 2013

A Very Bloggy Morning Tea - Day Two

Did I mention it was cold here in the highlands? Some of you are visiting from milder climes, so I hope you've packed your thermals. I decided that we might have been all tea-and-caked out after yesterday, so today I've been brewing up a saucepan full of spiced hot chocolate. And the cookie tin is full! Pistachio and cardamom choc-chip, anyone? Yes, I thought so.

It's the perfect day for a knit and a natter, so I hope you've brought your project bags. It promises to be a sunny day. We might be able to rug up and head out for some fresh air later, feel the crunch of autumn leaves underfoot. Whatever takes your's that kind of week.

Another lovely blogging friend will be over in a couple of hours to share her thoughts on tea and coffee. I can't wait to share this story - it's a beautiful one! And you can have the recipe for those biscuits on your way out.

It's only day two and, thanks to your generous support, we've already nearly reached our goal of $1,000. Don't let that stop you. If you can spare a few dollars, every bit counts. I say we go gung-ho and double the goal!!!! You can donate here. And don't forget to pop back here to enter the giveaway if you haven't already.


  1. Can't wait for the cookie recipe! the cold has been finally set in. I'm going to get the fire going and the kettle on xo

  2. When i went to donate, you were just short of your goal. Someone else must have donated around the same time as I did because your are now past the $1000 goal. Well done. Thanks to sponsors and donors. Lots of people in my family with cancer of one sort or another.

  3. Seriously Greer, I am moving into your house for this week next year!
    Well done on all of your fundraising efforts!
    And will you post the recipe for the hot chocolate too?

  4. I have my crochet hook and some cotton ready :) Pass the biscuit tin please!

    Sophie xo


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